Our concept

Our concept

Discover the world of Bachir's Lebanese ice cream, where tradition meets the unforgettable ice cream experience. Immerse yourself in our artisan heritage and let yourself be seduced by our unique creations.

La Maison Bachir: a heritage of know-how

Founded in 1936 by brothers Edouard and Maurice Bachir in the picturesque Lebanese village of Bikfaya, Maison Bachir is renowned for its ancestral know-how and authentic recipes. Inspired by the enchanting flavors of Lebanon, our ice creams are made with exceptional ingredients such as mastic, orange blossom and rose water, all certified organic.

A tradition handed down in Paris

Since our arrival in Paris in 2017, with our first boutique located at 58 rue Rambuteau, then our second address in 2020, at 7 rue Tardieu, we're proud to share our passion for Lebanese ice creams with Parisians and visitors to the capital. Each bite transports you to the heart of the Lebanese mountains, where freshness and richness of flavor reign supreme.

Authentic flavors to savor

At the heart of our offer is our specialty, the Achta, a delight made from pistachio beans, milk flower and orange blossom, enhanced by a generous layer of crushed pistachios. But our palette of flavors doesn't stop there: rose petals, pistachio, almond, blackberry, vanilla, strawberry, apricot, lemon, intense chocolate, milk chocolate and coffee. Each option promises an unparalleled taste journey. And for those with a sweet tooth, we offer the option of enhancing your tasting experience with our homemade chantilly, to enjoy on the premises or to take away.

Irresistible summer freshness

Savor our iced delights, for a summer of gourmet pleasure and freshness.

Immerse yourself in the world of Bachir and let yourself be enchanted by unique flavors, exceptional expertise and a passion for ice that has been passed down from generation to generation. Welcome to Glace Bachir, the ice cream parlour with 100% organic Lebanese know-how.